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The 27th session of china-eu economic and trade mixed committee held in Beijing

On June 21, the 27th China - eu economic and trade mixed committee held in Beijing. Chinese minister of commerce gao hucheng and the European commission's trade commissioner DE gucht co-chaired the meeting.
Conference, china-eu economic and trade relations between the two sides, on this issue in-depth and candid discussions, just start our investment agreement negotiations as soon as possible, promote the development of trade in goods, promote the development of service trade, strengthen intellectual property rights cooperation and careful trade remedy measures and so on five areas of more than ten in-depth exchange of views on issues, and reached broad consensus.
Gao hucheng pointed out that the china-eu economic and trade relations are an important part of the china-eu comprehensive strategic partnership, both sides good economic foundation, strong complementarity, depth of the economic and trade interests. The bilateral trade volume reached us $2012 in 546 billion, the two sides in the field of mutual investment also has carried out mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. To further strengthen economic and trade cooperation is in the interests of both parties, should take a long-term perspective, fully consider each other's concerns, promoting china-eu economic and trade relations to a new level.
Gao hucheng said the china-eu cooperation has huge potential in the field of high technology products trade, and hopes the two sides through mechanisms such as china-eu high technology working group, the essence of high technology and promote bilateral trade development. Central Europe in the field of intellectual property rights have good interaction, has two cooperation project, become the developed countries and developing countries on ipr cooperation success, both sides maintain close communication, continue to push.
Gao hucheng pointed out that China will continue to expand the service areas such as open to the public, but open is two-way and mutually beneficial, wants the eu to continue opening to China in the field of government procurement. China stands ready to work together with the eu, earnestly implement the central leadership consensus, ready for start our investment agreement negotiations as soon as possible. Hopes the eu will visit Europe for Chinese enterprise development create an environment of open, equality and justice.
Gao hucheng, stressed that China attaches great importance to central photovoltaic products trade friction. The case not only large, but also related to the central high degree of good cooperation and communion of upstream and downstream products, more about climate change and new energy, a common attention of the world. Hope that the two sides technical team stepped up, find a solution as soon as possible, avoid the china-eu economic and trade cooperation.
Mr DE gucht said, China is one of the major trading partners of the eu, the eu attaches great importance to the economic and trade ties with China. Spoke highly of the mixed committee, he think that both sides reach a consensus on many issues, to the further development of china-eu economic and trade relations to release a positive signal, willing to work together with China to properly handle each other's concerns, including photovoltaic products to start negotiations on investment as soon as possible, to deepen cooperation in various fields such as service trade and goods trade, strengthen cooperation in the field of high technology products, intellectual property, to continue through an open, candid dialogue and exchanges, and promote the further development of china-eu economic and trade relations.
After the joint committee, gao hucheng and DE gucht jointly met the press. When talking about china-eu photovoltaic products trade friction, gao hucheng pointed out that the European Union to China photovoltaic products double inverse case is an important issue in current china-eu economic and trade relations, the two sides and the international community have paid close attention to. For this, li keqiang, the prime minister and President barroso also calls, as photovoltaic trade frictions through consultation and dialogue to properly solve reached consensus on the top. Since the European Union on China's photovoltaic products since double negative survey was launched, to resolve this dispute the two sides have communication and consultation at all levels have been going on, never interrupt. Released the eu anti-dumping investigations since the preliminary, central Europe also keeps close communication negotiate price commitment related issues and substantive negotiations. , he said the two sides have the intention and sincerity, also reiterated on today's meeting, properly solve through price undertakings negotiation desk light, this is effort. Technical team of consultations and negotiations are positive and constructive. Hope in the coming negotiations, both sides can continue to a pragmatic and flexible attitude, strive to achieve the interests balance, the reasonable compliance acceptable price undertaking agreement, both parties, for enterprise to create a good china-eu bilateral trade and economic environment and market environment, achieve the mutual benefit of photovoltaic industry.
Mr DE gucht said, photovoltaic products trade friction is a important problem in the field of china-eu economic and trade, the two sides of the technical team is negotiating the issue of price undertakings relevant, both have a lot of sincerity. The eu will sincerely hope that in a friendly way to properly solve this problem as soon as possible.
Miit, food drug administration representatives attended the meeting.