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Wang chao said that the global value chain research helps the objective knowledge trade balance

June 24-26, the global value chain and economic structural adjustment of international conference held in Beijing. Vice minister of commerce wang chao to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.
Wang chao said that transportation cost reduction in communication and system innovation, a variety of products production between dispersed in different countries and regions, a massive restructuring of all kinds of resources on a global scale, the connection between the nations of the world economy and influence reached unprecedented levels. In-depth development of economic globalization, the world entered the era of global value chain. In recent years, the world trade organization (wto), the organisation for economic co-operation and development, the international monetary fund, European Union and research institutions in some countries on the global value chain and added value of trade accounting has carried on the comparatively deep research, a series of achievements. The results for our understanding of economic globalization and international economic relations and trade provides a new perspective.
Wang chao, points out that the current world economic instability, uncertain factors still more, the developed countries and developing countries to adjust the economic structure, enhance the international competitiveness of domestic economic growth. Research from the perspective of global value chain of economic structure adjustment problems, no matter from the current or the long term, is of great practical significance, which helps to objective knowledge world economic structure and the trade balance, the industry position in global value chain, share and employment distribution; Help against all forms of protectionism, maintain free trade order; Help to strengthen international economic policy coordination, promote the establishment of a new international economic order.
Wang qi stressed that in the common efforts of the global value chain research has built up a good foundation. As a groundbreaking study, theoretical and practical requirements are very high, the work is not only related to accounting methods, data processing and other technical problems, involving industry, such as exchange rates and trade benefit policy issues. China supports the depth of the international organizations and research institutions to participate in, hope the relevant parties to work together and communicate, to advance the global value chain research, further fruitful and valuable research results, together to create a free and open, fair and just global trade environment, to promote strong, sustainable and balanced world economic growth.
"International symposium on global value chain and the economic structure adjustment by the ministry of commerce of China and the United States international trade commission, the world trade organization, the organization for economic cooperation and development, the international monetary fund (imf), tsinghua university, Columbia University and the university of foreign economic relations and trade, theme is to discuss the global value chain in the era of the economic structure adjustment and industrial upgrading and north-south economic relations and trade issues. Association for relations across the Taiwan strait President Chen as a keynote speech. The world trade organization (wto) director-general PASCAL lamy, the oecd secretary-general angel gurria video speeches, the international monetary fund on behalf of salgado attended and delivered a speech. Experts and scholars from all over the world and international organizations, government officials, China's relevant departments, and representatives of the academic institutions attended the seminar